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Joel longie music
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Single: Counterpoint for Robots

Check out Joel’s latest single ‘Counterpoint for Robots’. It’s a fusion of classical form reimagined in a modern whimsical soundscape. Now on all streaming services!

New single released!

Attention all music enthusiasts! Get ready to plug in as we proudly announce the release of Joel’s latest single, “Counterpoint for Robots”. This futuristic and lively electro-classic is now on all streaming services!

If you’re a fan of the iconic 1960’s album “Switched on Bach”, then you’re in for a treat. This track is a modern twist on classical music. It’s a fugal fusion of old-school and new-school, taking inspiration from the past while simultaneously exploring the boundaries of modern music.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to your favorite streaming platform and check it out!

Stream this single now:

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Joel Longie

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Joel Longie is a hybrid orchestral composer inspired by nature and exploring the boundaries of technology and modern classical music.


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April 27, 2023


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