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Joel Longie is a hybrid orchestral composer and independent artist with a passion for crafting massive, epic orchestrations for modern orchestras. His music is heavily influenced by the grandeur, programmatic nature, and tonalities of film and video music.

Throughout his travels, Joel has been struck by the beauty and majesty of the natural world. He is particularly drawn to the mystic solitude of the Arizona desert, where he now resides. It is here, amidst the rugged mountains and awe-inspiring vistas, that Joel finds the inspiration to create his work. He spends long hours exploring the desert, hiking along remote trails and gazing up at the night sky, drawing on the energy of the natural world to fuel his creativity.

Joel’s compositions are an eclectic mix of classical and modern influences, with a strong emphasis on storytelling. Each of his compositions is imbued with a unique narrative, weaving together elements of drama, adventure, and emotion. His classical training is evident in his work, but his music’s uniqueness stems from his passion for experimenting with new styles and techniques. He combines the use of sound design and orchestral textures to showcase the full range and power of the modern orchestra.

With every new composition, Joel extends a sincere invitation to his listeners, inviting them to embark on a musical odyssey that leads them through a vivid tapestry of exotic soundscapes. He encourages them to immerse themselves in a world of evocative melodies, where every note is a journey into the unknown.

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